Monster Makeover, 2012

Monster Makeover is a fundraiser for elementary art education in the Tuscaloosa area.  Young art students draw and describe their own monster creations, which are then re-created by local artists in their own medium.



Madelyn and Jamey received the Best in
Show award at Monster Makeover 2012.

Madelyn Herwig, first grade

Madelyn's description of her drawing:
The snake is Wimberly.  Fuzzy is the other one.  They're friends.  Both are bad.  They both live in the same habitat in the forest. They play with each other all day.  They play bad games and get in other animal's property.  Other animals are scared of them.  They take stuff from the other animals. 

Her inspiration: She had a dream about the snake one.  "I had a dream that this one ate me.  It's 10 times as big as my house and it ate the whole town."